The Grounds of Alexandria to Open A New Sydney CBD Branch

The team behind The Grounds of Alexandria is set to open a new Sydney CBD outpost soon in The Galeries.

The new place, named The Grounds of the City, will diverge from Alexandria’s style, inspired by the 1920s hospitality.

“The Grounds of Alexandria is all about bringing families and the local community together, so we started off thinking about who it is that we want to bring together and connect in the city,” said The Grounds co-founder and creative director, Ramzey Choker. “We really got inspired by the 1920s, a time when the inner city was a place for real social gathering and connection between professionals.”

The open-plan kitchen will be serving brasserie-style food from breakfast to dinner, with an option to takeaway. Alongside this, there will also be a barista’s bar with “coffee sommeliers” to guide patrons in their individual coffee experiences.

The new venue will also feature old-fashioned gimmicks such as shoe-shining stations and custom-made cake trolley.

Design studio Acme & Co. is again in charge of the interiors, after working on both The Grounds of Alexandria and Potting Shed. Decors include cast iron doors, pendant lighting, up-cycled timber floors, stained glass windows and marble details.

“We want to create a place that becomes like a city home away from the office and somewhere you want to go that is just really comfortable,” said Choker. “It’s going to be really different, really unique and really special.”

The Grounds of the City is set to open in late May/early June.

Author: Joseph Campbell

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