How to Make the Most Out of Small Kitchens

Living in a big city is great, but it often comes with small living space and, consequently, tiny kitchens. The limited room for appliances and people can make it difficult to do proper cooking; however, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve to make cooking in your small property more comfortable, effective and efficient.

Clean as You Go

In a small kitchen, dishes can pile up quite fast, taking up more space than necessary. Clean your equipment as you go rather than pulling out new ones – fewer utensils used, fewer things to wash!


Invest in Suitable Appliances

Other than getting the small version of your common appliances (e.g. microwaves, cooktops), you can also get special tools that can either perform multiple different tasks and/or help you make the most out of the space, such as over-the-sink cutting boards, slow cookers, and immersion blenders.


Be Strategic on Storage

With a small kitchen, every centimetre square is important. Keep regularly-used items in sight and rarely-used ones in the storage, so they won’t take up the countertop space. You can also invest in magnetic strips to store your most-used metal utensils – such as ladles, blades and pot lids – and make use of your vertical space.


Installation and Reno Solutions

If conditions allow, you can start from the beginning and redesign your kitchen in some ways. There are a lot of things you can install to give your kitchen more storage space, including deep drawers (instead of regular cupboards), tall faucets (to allow more dishes in the sink), mirrored splashbacks (to give the illusion of bigger area size), open shelves (to create more vertical storage), ceiling-high cabinets, fold-up table, and more.