Work Life: Work Lunch Box Ideas

The best time of day is always lunch time. And if you’re on the grind with only a small break during work, it’s always a time and cost efficient idea to bring a lunch box rather than spend more money on fast food or take out. Here are some of the few quick and healthy lunch box ideas I have:

Chicken Wraps
Using a whole chicken from Coles or Woolies, shred the chicken into pieces and mix them up with a dollop ¬†of mayonnaise. Wrap the chicken mix using a tortilla and greenery of your choice (lettuce, tomato, cucumber). It’s simple, tasty and quick to make.

Tuna Sandwiches
Using wholemeal bread from Aldi ($2), lightly toasted, butter each side and using the same chicken wrap recipe, do the same mixture with whole egg mayonnaise and add to your sandwich. Layer slices of tomato, cheese and lettuce and voila!

Tuna Salad
Toss a can of tuna together with a bag of $4 Coles 4 leaf salad leaves with a salt and pepper + olive oil and lemon dressing. It’s too quick and easy to make!

Carbonara Pasta
Grab a packet of Coles $1 Fettucine pasta and create a quick white pasta sauce using the ingredients in your house (flour, garlic, olive oil, butter, milk). Sprinkle a few leaves of coriander as a garnish. It’s great for dinner and lunch.