Best Drink Mixers

Mixed drinks are great for those nights where you don’t want to go too hard, or if you just prefer not having a shot served straight. Here are some great mixers to pair with your alcohols.

Seltzer/Sparkling water: Works to lighten up vodka and gin.

Lemon-lime soda: The light, punchy flavour will go well with vodka and whiskey as well as in fruity punches.

Cola: Mix your coke with brown liquors such as rum and whisky.

Orange juice: The fresh, sweet nature of orange juice works well with many different alcohols, including rum, gin, vodka and whisky. Add club soda for that extra kick!

Watermelon water: Put some Tequila in it for some smoky-sweet goodness!

Pineapple juice: Make your own pina colada by mixing this juice with rum.

Pre-made cocktail mixers: Not feeling inspired or adventurous? Pre-made cocktail mixers from the store is great for making specific drinks like margarita, pina colada or mojito, but they are less versatile than the other options in this list.