Foodora Leaves Australia

Too lazy to leave the house for food? Your options are getting narrower – Foodora is leaving the Australian market.

In a statement released on Thursday, the food delivery company said it will “cease operations in response to a shift in focus towards other markets where the company currently sees a higher potential for growth.”

Foodora still has to defend against two lawsuits relating to unfair dismissal of delivery riders and sham contracting.

Transport Workers Union’s national secretary Tony Sheldon suggested Foodora’s exit was to avoid addressing its underpayment issue with the workers. “Foodora would rather pull out of Australia and leave thousands of riders without work rather than pay them the millions of dollars they owe,” Sheldon told the ABC.

“Ever since they arrived in Australia, Foodora, like other food delivery companies, has denied its riders fair rates, superannuation, workers compensation, annual leave, the right to collectively bargain and even forces them to work shifts for no pay at all.”