Five Best Asian Snacks

Vox says you can learn about a country from its snacks – I believe it’s true. Eating snacks from other countries not only could help you understand more about the diversity of the world, but it’s also a way to get introduced to tasty food that you usually wouldn’t eat. So here are my top five favourite Asian snacks:

  1. Pocky
Source: Evan-Amos

The long, sweet biscuit sticks coated in cream is named after Japanese word pokkin. It started out with chocolate coating, but now it has strawberry, green tea, cookies and cream and other variants too. Other brands have even come up with savory flavors, such as pizza and tomato.

  1. Seaweed
Source: Glutenfreesaver

Although seaweed is commonly used as an ingredient for dishes such as soup and sushi, seaweed can also be eaten as snack. Some brands offer seaweed snacks in various flavours, including spicy, sesame, tom yum and teriyaki.

  1. Shrimp Chips
Shrimp Chips
Source: Snackeroo

Shrimp chips come in different kinds, forms and shapes – but what all of them have in common is the crunchy texture and the shrimp flavour.

  1. Rice Crackers

Rice crackers

It’s not your usual rice crackers – each Asian rice cracker comes with their own wrapper, and the crunch is combined with a mix of savory bite and slightly sweet taste. They also come in spicy flavor.

  1. Koala’s March

Koala's March

Each Koala’s March box comes with bite-sized, chocolate-filled biscuits with pictures of cartoon koalas branded on top. It’s all the cuteness you need in one package! (Hint: If you can’t find Koala’s March, Hello Panda is also great as far as cute Asian chocolate-filled cookies go.)


Here are my top five Asian snacks! Which one will you get at the supermarket this week?