Recipes: Best Pastries

Want to bake something special this weekend? We’ve curated some of the best pastries from all around the world, complete with the recipes. Try them out and thank us later…

Profiteroles by Mon Petit Four

profiteroles mon petit four

Coming from the same family as éclairs, beignet and croquembouche, a profiterole is a choux pastry ball with cream and chocolate sauce. You can serve them warm with freshly piped cream as is, or add a scoop of ice cream on the side.


Mazarin by Bethany Murphy, Better Together

mazarin better together

Hailing from Sweden, mazarin is a small tart with buttery crust, almond filling and beautiful sugar icing on top. You can also use ground almonds in place of almond paste and flour.


Galette by Anisa Sabet

galette anisa sabet

Galette could be described as a lovechild of pie and crusty cake. With the toppings, you can channel your creativity and go any way you want – from fruity (berries, peaches, pears, plums) to sweet (almond, honey, ice cream) and savoury (mushroom, potato, cheese, onion). Make a big one to share or shape the crust for a single portion size – it’s your choice!


Cannoli by My Three Seasons

cannoli my three seasons

Fried pastry dough, ricotta cheese, a touch of chocolate and powdered sugar – what’s not to love? You can make your own cannoli shells from scratch, or get some from the store to fry.


Baklava by Deliciously Yum

Baklava Deliciously Yum

Flaky phyllo sheets! Tasty nut filling! Honey golden brown gorgeousness! You can replace (or complement) walnuts with pistachios or almonds.


Inipit by Ang Sarap

Raymund Ang Sarap inipit

A Filipino favourite, this sponge cake/pastry is filled with potato or ube custard in the middle. Take it to the next level by experimenting with the sponge cake part.












Author: Joseph Campbell

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