Producer Launches First Soft Raw Milk Cheese in Australia

South Australian cheesemaker Kris Lloyd has released the first soft raw milk cheese in the country.

Branded “The Kid”, Lloyd’s raw milk cheese is priced at $200 per kilogram. The goat milk’s cheese is packaged in vine leaves and, unlike other raw milk cheese sold in Australia, has softer texture thanks to the curd processing in the maturation stage.

“I’ve been experimenting, making this particular cheese, for almost two decades,” Lloyd told News Corp. “To have it at a point now where I can share it with the public is so exciting.”

In February 2015, an Australian food safety legislation was changed, allowing producers to make cheese with milk below 48 degrees. However, raw milk cheese remains controversial due to its use of unpasteurized milk. In March, two people died from listeria after eating raw milk cheese in New York.

“We’re perfectly positioned to do this here in Australia and even more so in South Australia because we’ve got such a beautiful, clean environment, clean waterways and great pastures for our animals to graze in,” said Lloyd.

“We know what the animals are eating, what they’re grazing on, that there’re no sick animals and no antibiotics used.”

The Kid is available at Woodside Cheese Wright’s Cellar Door.

Author: Joseph Campbell

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