Recipes: Best Fruity Desserts

For the warming season, we’re slowly moving from hot drinks and lava cakes to sweet and refreshing fruit concoctions. Here are some of our favourite fruity dessert recipes for your picnics and outdoor dinner parties…

Watermelon Chiffon Pie by Genius Kitchen

watermelon juice cake

The pure flavours from fresh watermelon juice meet the creamy yet feather-light chiffon texture – this recipe is to die for!


Lemon Passionfruit Coconut Pudding by I Love Coconut Cream

I love coconut cream

Enjoy all the tropical flavours of lemon, lime, passionfruit and coconut milk in one cup!


Mango Mousse Cups by Marriage and Laughter

Easy to prepare, these cups can keep for a few days – make ahead for dinner parties or binge-watching sessions.


Grapefruit Vegan Cashew Cheesecake by Heart of a Baker

No eggs, butter or milk involved – just some good old dairy-free yogurt, coconut oil and a fresh grapefruit.


Kiwi and Pineapple Parfait by Primavera Kitchen

No fuss, all bliss – this recipe requires only six ingredients, little prep time and no baking whatsoever.


Lemon Curd Pavlova by Seasons and Suppers

Light, fresh and tangy, this meringue-based dessert is perfect for those who prefer their desserts to be not too sweet.


Peach Cobbler by Pinch of Yum

Juicy, jammy, messy and delicious. Serve with vanilla ice cream to add a cool touch and a contrast in your mouth.


Kiwi Sorbet by Amanda Powell

The freshness of kiwi and key lime juice blends beautifully with the creamy texture of coconut milk.

































A Pop-Up Sweets Museum is Coming to Sydney

After hitting Melbourne and Brisbane, the pop-up dessert museum is finally coming to Sydney.

Sugar Republic is bringing a range of events to make every sweet tooth’s childhood dream come true: a day full of chocolate, confectionery and desserts with a fairy floss room, a giant birthday cake to jump out of, a life-sized gum ball machine, a sherbet-filled rainbow bridge, an interactive sprinkles wall and many more. It’s like a Willy Wonka factory, without the trickeries.

Tickets will go on sale next month for the event, which will hit a Myer store in February 2019.

Event: Shortstop Coffee & Donuts’ 4th Birthday Celebration

Looking for a good bite this weekend? Shortstop Coffee & Donuts are giving away free dough rings to celebrate their birthday.

In celebration of the joint’s fourth birthday, Shortstop is giving away 1,000 free doughnuts from its Sydney and Melbourne stores on Saturday. The offering, which you can get with every purchase, is a vanilla-bean cake doughnut with sprinkles and a vanilla glaze, reminiscent of childhood ice-cream birthday cakes.

Get your freebie from 8.30am to 6.30pm, or until sold out. For more information, visit here.

Recipes: Best Soups

Sometimes you just want a hug in a bowl. Soups are one of the most comforting foods – a nutritious feed perfect for cold weathers and bad days. Here are my favourite soup recipes that will you’re your stomach and heart…

Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup by Robust Recipes

With oven-roasted tomatoes and pan-charred peppers, this soup is great on its own or served with bread.


Creamy Roasted Mushroom and Brie Soup by Closet Cooking

The earthy flavour of mushrooms meets the creaminess of brie and milk and the freshness of garlic and thyme. Delish!


Cauliflower Sweet Potato Turmeric Soup by Running on Real Food

Although it’s good (and packed with nutrition) on its own, the roasted chickpea topping gives the dish a yummy crunch.


Pea and Broccoli Miso Soup by Nourish Everyday

Vegans and non-vegans alike will love this. The creamy pea pairs really well with the savory flavour of miso.


Chicken Noodle Soup by Confetti and Bliss

The fulfilling chicken content – from the stock, bouillon and the shredded breast meat – will keep you satiated and warm for a while.

Event: 2018 Italian Wine + Food Festival, Sydney

Got an unsatisfiable appetite for pizza and wine? Prepare yourself – the nation’s artisanal Italian festival is hitting Sydney this month.

The Italian Wine + Food Festival returns to the Doltone House at the Australian Technology Park, bringing street-style pizza, fresh pasta and over 200 wines to taste from the pop-up restaurants and the Negroni Bar. There are also specially curated Italian wine masterclasses and cooking demonstrations by Sydney’s top Italian chefs along with Pizza Acrobatics show and other live entertainment.

Tickets start from $25. For more information, visit the Festival’s website.

Sunday, August 26, 10am-6.30pm | Doltone House – Australian Technology Park, Locomotive Workshop, 2 Locomotive Street, Eveleigh

Foodora Leaves Australia

Too lazy to leave the house for food? Your options are getting narrower – Foodora is leaving the Australian market.

In a statement released on Thursday, the food delivery company said it will “cease operations in response to a shift in focus towards other markets where the company currently sees a higher potential for growth.”

Foodora still has to defend against two lawsuits relating to unfair dismissal of delivery riders and sham contracting.

Transport Workers Union’s national secretary Tony Sheldon suggested Foodora’s exit was to avoid addressing its underpayment issue with the workers. “Foodora would rather pull out of Australia and leave thousands of riders without work rather than pay them the millions of dollars they owe,” Sheldon told the ABC.

“Ever since they arrived in Australia, Foodora, like other food delivery companies, has denied its riders fair rates, superannuation, workers compensation, annual leave, the right to collectively bargain and even forces them to work shifts for no pay at all.”

Food Shows on Youtube to Check Out

Need some recommendation for your Youtube crawling session? Check out these cooking video series – fun and informative, you’ll finish the video having learned something new.

Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

In this series, senior food editor Claire Saffitz takes on the challenge to make a homemade, ‘gourmet’ version of well-known food such as Kit Kats, Cheetos and Lucky Charms. It’s definitely not an easy journey, as Saffitz’s every failure and mini-breakdown is well-documented – but at the end of the video, Saffitz always provides a recipe that you can recreate.


Price Points | Epicurious

The premise of guessing which item is more expensive doesn’t always work – often it gets humiliating for the people involved, and we as the audience also get secondhand embarrassment. This is not the case with Price Points – rather than trying to get that ‘gotcha’ moments, the format of the series is designed to allow the experts to explain their choices and divulge their knowledge to uninformed audiences. From chocolate and cheese to meat and knives, you’ve got a lot of subjects covered.


Jun’s Kitchen

Curious about what life and cooking in Japan is like? Jun will satisfy that curiosity for you. With clean, small kitchen, cool tools and cute cats watching him work, Jun’s cooking channel is a warm, safe space on the Internet to chill.