Mary Street Bakery’s Team Opens New Dedicated Coffee Shop

If you’re a fan of Mary Street Bakery’s coffee in Perth, there’s good news for you – it has opened a dedicated coffee roastery in the CBD.

Offshoot Coffee, which is located on Hay Street, houses the roastery that provides coffee to all Mary Street shops. It uses a high-tech Loring S15 Falcon imported from the US; coffee operations manager Rummy Keshet said, “A traditional roaster is like driving a truck and a Loring roaster is like driving a Ferrari.”

The place also offers self-serve bakery treats, salad bowls, chia puddings, and even take-home coffee beans if you’re keen to make your own cuppa.

Offshoot Coffee is open Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm at Hibernian Place, 480 Hay Street.

Author: Joseph Campbell

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