How To Up Your Sandwich Game


Sandwiches are the most reliable lunch option, but eating them the same way all the time could be a little boring. Here are a few tips to up your sandwich game, making it less mundane and more nutritious and tasty!

  • Vary the filling

This is the easiest step to up your sandwich game. If canned tuna bores you, try putting in new things like roasted vegetables, salmon, baked beans, and chicken satay. You can also put in leftovers in the sandwich.

  • Be experimental with the bread

Plain white bread is the cheapest and most common of them all. For harder textures, try multigrain or whole wheat bread. For extra crisp, opt for a French baguette. For softer, sweeter choice, go for brioche or roll. Grilled burger bun or bagel are also fair game – be creative!

  • Change the cheese

If you usually use single cheese slices in your sandwich, try something new. Invest in ‘real’ cheese and try out every kind – from cheddar and mozzarella to brie and gouda. See how your lunch evolves with just a small change!

  • Spread it up

Spreads or sauces are the glue that brings your sandwich together. Vary your spread accordingly – maybe mayonnaise today, pesto for tomorrow, sriracha sauce for the day after and peanut butter and jelly for next week!

If your sandwiches feel too mushy, add up some crunch, such as chopped roasted almonds, lettuce, and bean sprouts. A little too dry and hard? Add some softer ingredients like sautéed mushrooms and mashed avocados.


These are the tips to get your sandwich to the next level. What sandwich will you bring to work tomorrow?

Author: Joseph Campbell

Hi there! I'm Joseph Campbell, a Sydney-based writer and food blogger. Follow me each week as I take you around on my food adventures.