How to Make Your Kitchen Child-Friendly

Cooking with your little ones is fun, but often the kitchen environment can be quite dangerous for children to navigate around. Setting up a space that can manage both cookwork and kids’ play is quite a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that it is an impossible task. Here are a few tricks that you can apply for a safe, productive cooking time with your kids…

Baby Gate

Have babies or toddlers who would be safer out of the kitchen? It might be a good idea to install baby gate/door to keep them away from walking or crawling in.


Strategic Organisation

Want your children to keep away from fragile, sharp tools, but still allow them to help out? Put the priceless items and potentially dangerous appliances, such as microwave and oven, on higher shelves to make them less accessible to the little ones. Additionally, put the tools for easy activities (such as cookie cutters, icing sprouts) in a designated space in the cupboard/basket/storage unit, so that your children can remember where to take and put things back easily.


Adjust to Kids’ Height

Opt for furniture that accommodate the heights of both adults and children, such as two-level stands and benchtops. Otherwise, consider installing helping/stepping stool where children can stand on to help out.


More Security Add-Ons

Consider extra safety measures that will be helpful to adults and children alike, such as door stops, corner bumpers, drawer locks.

Author: Joseph Campbell

Hi there! I'm Joseph Campbell, a Sydney-based writer and food blogger. Follow me each week as I take you around on my food adventures.