Coffee in a Cone is Coming to Australia

Worried about your coffee cups filling up the landfill? An eco-friendly – and indulgent – alternative has arrived in Australia.

Barista Dayne Levinrad has brought Coffee in a Cone to Australia, after launching it in South Africa, Europe, Canada and Hong Kong. The cone looks like a regular waffle ice-cream cone, but the inside is coated in layers of dark chocolate to prevent any leaking.

“Picture having a coffee and a cookie – this is the same thing, just better,” Levinrad said.

“The coffee melts into the chocolate creating a creamy, chocolatey flavour explosion in your mouth. At first it is a subtle chocolate sweetness, which gets stronger as you sip further and you end with a crunchy, biscuity waffle cone with beautiful melted chocolate inside.”

Currently the cone concept is under patenting process. More stocks will soon be rolled out to selected NSW and Victorian venues for $6-6.50 each, before releasing it across the country.

For more information on stockists, visit Coffee in a Cone’s Instagram page.

Author: Joseph Campbell

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