Work Life: Work Lunch Box Ideas

The best time of day is always lunch time. And if you’re on the grind with only a small break during work, it’s always a time and cost efficient idea to bring a lunch box rather than spend more money on fast food or take out. Here are some of the few quick and healthy lunch box ideas I have:

Chicken Wraps
Using a whole chicken from Coles or Woolies, shred the chicken into pieces and mix them up with a dollop  of mayonnaise. Wrap the chicken mix using a tortilla and greenery of your choice (lettuce, tomato, cucumber). It’s simple, tasty and quick to make.

Tuna Sandwiches
Using wholemeal bread from Aldi ($2), lightly toasted, butter each side and using the same chicken wrap recipe, do the same mixture with whole egg mayonnaise and add to your sandwich. Layer slices of tomato, cheese and lettuce and voila!

Tuna Salad
Toss a can of tuna together with a bag of $4 Coles 4 leaf salad leaves with a salt and pepper + olive oil and lemon dressing. It’s too quick and easy to make!

Carbonara Pasta
Grab a packet of Coles $1 Fettucine pasta and create a quick white pasta sauce using the ingredients in your house (flour, garlic, olive oil, butter, milk). Sprinkle a few leaves of coriander as a garnish. It’s great for dinner and lunch.

Pho-tastic Restaurants Around Sydney

Pho is the staple dish of Vietnamese cuisine and a must-try for those who have yet to lose their Pho virginity. Pho is a noodle soup dish consisting of rice noodles bathing in a simmering hot broth served with raw beef and garnished with herbs like coriander, bean sprouts, spring onions and basil leaves. So where can we find the best Pho to eat around Sydney? I’ve compiled a list of Sydney’s best Pho restaurants.

Pho Pasteur

295 Chapel Road, Bankstown, 9790 2900; 709 George Street, Sydney, 9212 5622; 137 Church Street, Parramatta, 9635 0782; Westpoint Shopping Centre, Patrick Street, Blacktown, 9676 1333
Much like their tagline, Pho Pasteur really is the “best noodle soup in town”. Branching across the western and inner western suburbs of Sydney, they have established a good reputation with their iconic pho recipes. Their broth is truly authentic and served without being watered down ensuring their customers enjoy a flavourful Vietnamese pho experience.

Source: Weekend Notes
Source: Weekend Notes

Pho Huong Xua
Shop 4, 219 Canley Vale Road, Canley Heights, 8764 4117

For subtle, elegant pho bac (Northern Vietnamese-style), Huong Xua is a great place to go to. The broth is clean, the beef is lightly stir-fried with fish sauce and garlic.

They’re also renowned for Australia’s biggest Pho bowl, which weighs in at 1.5 kilograms, with equal parts of noodles, beef and soup. Huong Xua is great for value – with cheap Tuesdays and a free offer for those who can finish their bowl under 11 minutes.

Source: Noodlies
Source: Noodlies

Pho Sam

19 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove NSW 2066, (02) 8416 5879

Pho Sam is a new Vietnamese restaurant on the outskirts of Northern Sydney. They serve great local Pho and pride themselves in great service and a Chinese twist with their Vietnamese dishes. Their perks? They accept card – which is almost impossible to find when dining in Asian restaurants.

Source: In The Cove
Source: In The Cove


Mum’s Table
 457-459 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, 02 8021 2701 

Rather than offer a conventional restaurant space, Mum’s Table mimics the ambience of a Vietnamese home. They welcome you with open arms and a selection of authentic Vietnamese pho dishes.

Source: The Urban List
Source: The Urban List

Best 5 Food Trucks in Sydney

There’s something appealing and maybe a little bit nostalgic about getting food from a truck. Lucky for us who live in Sydney, there’s now an app to locate food trucks in the city. Here’s a list of food trucks to help you make a choice in your street culinary exploration:

  1. Mister Gee Burger Truck (

Consistently ranking high in the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society, Mister Gee offers a range of burgers, sides (chips and onion rings) and shakes. Be prepared for the long queue, though!

Source: Mister Gee Burger Truck Facebook page
  1. Urban Pasta (

The place serves freshly cooked pasta, ranging from fusilli to gnocchi, topped with your choice of sauce, ranging from Napolitano to lamb ragu.

Source: Urban Pasta Food Truck Facebook page
  1. Mama Linh’s (

Get your Banh Mi fix here! From crispy chicken to shitake mushroom, Mama Linh’s Banh Mi is to die for. If you prefer not to eat bread, they also offer Vermicelli Noodle Salad Bowl that can be served with your choice of toppings. You would find Mama Linh’s truck around CBD.

Source: Mama Linh’s website
  1. Eat Art Truck (

For an American food truck experience, try out Eat Art Truck’s menu – from pulled pork bun to nachos, all foods are complemented with generous sauce and toppings.

Source: Eat Art Truck Facebook page
  1. Veggie Patch Van (

Not a meat eater? Veggie Patch Van might be the right choice for you. All of the food choices on the menu, ranging from burgers to fritters and dips, are all veggie-friendly.

Source: Veggie Patch Van Facebook page


There you have it, the top five Sydney food trucks. What’s your food truck pick for this weekend?

A Day Out In Surry Hills: For Beginners

As described by local residents, Surry Hills is ‘a melting pot of cultures’ located in the inner city eastern suburb of Sydney. Picture a second cousin of Newtown fused with a few industrial, commercial and residential areas. It’s also a creative hub where hipsters from all around the city gather to Instagram their visits. From the borders of Elizabeth and Chalmer’s Street to the outskirts of Crown, Surry Hills is a thriving destination for food with its many choices of restaurants and cafés and a fantastic place to go shopping. To kickstart your own visit, I’ve crafted a short list as a guide to help you explore the best of Surry Hills:

1. Firedoor, Mary Street ( 
If a community of pyromaniacs were to come together and create a restaurant, that restaurant would be the Firedoor. A place dedicated to cooking premium Australian food in the purest form using, you guessed it, fire.


2. Bishop Sessa, Crown St ( 
For an affordable pseudo-fine dining experience, Bishop Sessa offers a delightful dinner with a choice of an a la carté menu or the degustation course (six dishes for only $77 pp), a recommended place for a romantic date.


3. Porteno, Cleveland St (
Porteno is a popular Argentinian restaurant in the heart of Cleveland St that only produces the finest culinary creations with variations that cater to meat lovers, vegetarians, and seafood lovers.


4. Suzi Q Coffee & Records, Hutchinson St (
For the musos of Sydney, Suzi Q is your sanctuary for tune-age and great food. It’s not only an homage to musical artists and jazz players but also a fine place for a cup of coffee.



5. Bills, Crown St (
Bills is the ideal place to take your friends for a great brunch on a Saturday morning. I would highly recommend trying their infamous Scrambled Eggs or Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter.


6. Bodega Tapas, Commonwealth St (
Bodega is Porteno’s trendy little sister –  an experimental latino restaurant that is well known for its top-knotch plating and stylish variations of tapas.


 Blacksmith, Chalmers St (
Blacksmith is a local watering hole for Surry Hill residents – from the workers to the creatives. A great place for coffee, lunch with friends or even a place for a few beers after work.


8. Beresford Hotel, Bourke St ( The Beresford Hotel is more than just your average pub on a Saturday night. It’s a gorgeous venue with a courtyard with food served at the front and a whole lot of partying in the back. A great place to bring your friends for a bite to eat, a few drinks and maybe a post-dinner dancing sesh.


9. Mum’s Table, Elizabeth St ( For a cheeky Vietnamese fix, Mum’s Table on Elizabeth gives you an authentic home-made style lunch filled with an array of Vietnamese staple dishes such as pho and vermicelli. Take your friends there, it’s almost un-PHO-gettable.
Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 5.07.23 PM

10. Shakespeare Hotel, Devonshire St ( To eat or not to eat, that isn’t really a question at the Shakespeare Hotel. It’s a quaint little antique space offering a choice of reasonably-priced daily lunch specials and cheap drinks during happy hours.
Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.38.27 PM