Best Drink Mixers

Mixed drinks are great for those nights where you don’t want to go too hard, or if you just prefer not having a shot served straight. Here are some great mixers to pair with your alcohols.

Seltzer/Sparkling water: Works to lighten up vodka and gin.

Lemon-lime soda: The light, punchy flavour will go well with vodka and whiskey as well as in fruity punches.

Cola: Mix your coke with brown liquors such as rum and whisky.

Orange juice: The fresh, sweet nature of orange juice works well with many different alcohols, including rum, gin, vodka and whisky. Add club soda for that extra kick!

Watermelon water: Put some Tequila in it for some smoky-sweet goodness!

Pineapple juice: Make your own pina colada by mixing this juice with rum.

Pre-made cocktail mixers: Not feeling inspired or adventurous? Pre-made cocktail mixers from the store is great for making specific drinks like margarita, pina colada or mojito, but they are less versatile than the other options in this list.

Author: Joseph Campbell

Hi there! I'm Joseph Campbell, a Sydney-based writer and food blogger. Follow me each week as I take you around on my food adventures.