6 Vegetarian Party Dish Recipes

In the world of sausage rolls and mini beef burger sliders, there does not seem to be a lot of vegetarian party dishes. However, there are actually an abundance of vegetarian dishes that are great for parties and entertaining. Here are a few recipes that are sure to please your vegetarian friends… and maybe, your non-vegetarian friends, too.

Shiitake Nigiri

Source: Olives for Dinner

A spin to Japanese sushi that is bite-size and tasty.


Roasted Portobello Mushroom, Pecan and Chestnut Wellington

Source: Scott Suchman / The Washington Post

Finally, a wellington that you can enjoy without guilt. Packed with proteins from the nuts, this one is sure to keep you satiated for a while.


Spinach Dip

Source: No Recipes

Dip it with baguette or carrot sticks – a surefire way to start a party in your mouth.


BBQ Mushroom Steamed Buns

Source: My Goodness Kitchen

A modification of the traditional pork steam bun recipe, the BBQ Mushroom Steamed Buns is sweet enough to make you grab for more.


Mediterranean Pinwheels

Source: Contentedness Cooking

Imagine Mediterranean salad, but in a roll. Add tofu or tempeh if you want more protein on the inside.


Carrot Chips

Source: Running to the Kitchen

Easy and quick to make, even your non-vegetarian friends would not stop munching on this.

Author: Joseph Campbell

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